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All honeys are South African, pure, unheated, un-irradiated and un-clarified. RAW

Indigenous Plants

Aloe Aloe Davyana White, light, gentle and almost condensed milk
Acacia Mellifera Black Thorn Light & gentle off citrusy - superb
Combretum Bush willows Medium to light, intense flavor and bouquet
Boekenhout Faurea Saligna Smoky, malty and a superb crème brulee
Buffalo Thorn Ziziphus mucronata Dark, malty, off sweet and lingering bouquet
Wild Flora Mixed Bushveld Medium to Rich, clean taste, off-sweet.
Rich Wild Flora Mixed Acacias & Boek. Dark red, off sweet, creamy, full body &flavour
Sweet Thorn Acacia Karroo Dark, smooth & malty. Great Honey
Fynbos Ericas & Proteas Very dark, rich, perfumed and slightly tarty.
Light Fynbos West Coast veget. Medium to rich, perfumed, off-sweet



Spring Multiflora   Classic honey taste, flowery and perhaps the best of all
Summer Multiflora   Similar but fruitier
Subtropical   Macadamia, Orange and Litchi mixed by bees. Just perfect.
Macadamia   Smooth, light, excellent  aroma and taste
Orange Blossom   Light, gentle & perfumed
Litchi   Light, delicate & perfumed
Apple blossom   Light, delicate and exceptionally non-sweet.
Brazilian Pepper Tree   Light, delicate but gently crispy and wonderfully perfumed.
Bluegum Camaldulensis Eucal Camaldulensis Full bodied, good & smooth bluegum
Bluegum Paniculata    Medium to light, excellent bouquet and taste.
Cosmos   Medium, creamy & lightly perfumed
Avocado   Rich with a hint of molasses, but smooth and lots of minerals.
Lucerne   Light, pleasant, good quality.


Creamed Honeys

Aloe cream White, light, gentle and almost like condensed milk
Spring cream Excellent creamed honey.
Sunflower cream Excellent creamed honey.
Litchi cream Excellent creamed honey.
Saligna cream Light, good scent, smooth and off sweet.
Boekenhout cream Powerful. No crème brulee can be as good as this.


Honey comb


Supplied in:

250 grams See-through plastic trays
+- 1kg Hive frames



3kg Plastic buckets
6kg Plastic buckets


Raw Honey & Nuts

Roasted, grounded & creamed with raw honey (No sugars, butters, emulsifiers or dairy products and preservatives)

Macadamia Lots of minerals, vitamins and energy + cholesterol cleanser.
Macadamia & Raw Cacao Energy & wellbeing+ all the goodness, anti-oxidants and flavanoids of raw cocoa.
Almond Complete food on its own
Almond & Raw Cacao As above + all the goodness, anti-oxidants and flavanoids of raw cocoa.
Hazel Nuts Heart, brain & body vitality
Hazel Nuts & Raw Cacao As above + the ideal healthy Nutella.
Pumpkin Seeds Prostate, men’s vitality, men & women mineral bone density

Raw Honey & Nuts in 350g glass jar

Raw Honey & Nuts per Kg

Raw Honey, Raw Cocoa & Nuts in 350g

Raw Honey, Raw Cocoa & Nuts per Kg


Other goodies

Ginger & Raw Cocoa Tastebud fireworks for ginger and chocolate lovers.
Raw Ginger, Raw Cocoa & Chilies As Above, but with extra flavor and explosiveness.
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