Raw Honey Infusions

Honey is a remarkable medium for infusions: It absorbs, retains and even can enhance the particular fragrances and tastes of specific herbs and spices. Please also see an article in the Medicine from the Bee's section, under 'Cancer Treatment' regarding the recently discovered cancer fighting properties of the mandarine peel which is available as a honey infusion.

All of these products are exquisitely delicate and superbly flavored

Ginger Sliced and infused in honey.
Ginger & Raw Cocoa Tastebud fireworks for ginger and chocolate lovers
Raw Ginger, Raw Cocoa & Chilies As Above, but now with extra flavor and explosiveness
Vanilla Delicate and superbly flavorful.
Saffron Spicy and crispy true flavor of the most expensive spice.
Mandarine Zest Marmalade like and superb. Scones and croissant delight.
Cinnamon Excellent for taste and treat arthritis & high sugar levels.
Cardamom Delicate and superbly flavorful.
Star Anise Delicate and superbly flavorful
Lemon Grass Delicate and superbly flavorful
Lavender Infused with lavender flowers
Herbal Perfumed by exquisite flowers’ tea

Raw Honey Infusions in 350g glass jar

Raw Honey Infusions per kg


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