Honey cuts Anxiety

By Emily Cook

Honey could help counter the effects of ageing and decrease anxiety, according to a study.

Scientists found a diet sweetened with honey improved memory and reduced stress.

They conducted their tests on rats who were fed either a diet of 10 per cent honey, or eight per cent sucrose or no sugar. The experiment was over a year.
The rats, which were two months old at the start of the trial, were assessed every three months.

The study claims honey-fed rats displayed better spatial memory. They also spent twice as much time in the open section of an assessment maze than the sucrose-fed rats, suggesting they were less anxious.

Dr Nicola Starkey at the University of Waikato in New Zealand, said: "Diets sweetened with honey may be beneficial in decreasing anxiety and improving memory during ageing."

She believes this could be due to the antioxidant.

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