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These days the Australian people are experiencing unprecedented high levels of skin cancer. Research is starting to blame this condition on the extensive use of sun blocks and its ingredients, specifically the Chemicals used as UV Absorbers. Due to UV radiation, within two hours of application these chemicals break down and form new compounds, which subsequently get absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin. A sunscreen of factor 8 blocks 95% formation of the essential cancer preventing Vitamin D.

The NEW WAY for sun protection is:

  • Use creams with researched and proven natural products with anti-radiation properties like propolis and oils with high phenolic content.
  • Avoid mid-day sun as much as possible. If not possible wear a hat and sun-blocking clothing.
  • Early morning and late afternoon sunlight should be regarded a food, as it metabolises the Vitamin D.
  • Drink green tea often with squeezed lemon peel on and in it, as research says it offers perhaps the best skin cancer prevention there is. Tomato paste with olive oil is also highly recommended.


Sun and Healing Lotion

Outstanding face and body cream
Honey,propolis, beeswax + finest cold pressed oils & butters.
No preservatives, chemicals or perfumes
Available in 250ml and 125ml
Lip Balm Beeswax, honey & Propolis. Best ingredients and quality
Propolis & Rooibos Soap Highest quality base products and no chemicals.
Skin & Body Restoring Honey, Royal Jelly, Papain, Irish Moss
Enzyme Repair Honey, Royal Jelly, Papain, Bromelain, Irish Moss
Hair & Skin Great as skin & hair conditioner. Honey & Rosemary oil 
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