About The Honey Bear

South Africa has been blessed with a most extraordinary diversity of climates and floral species. From the arid semi-desert, to the subtropical and blissfully mild High Plateau. The Extreme South is a temperate Mediterranean climate with winter rainfall, and more plant species than the whole of Europe. With such variety comes a wide range of superb, unique and rare honeys: From the white Aloe Davyana (Aloe), to the very dark Ziziphus Mucronata (Buffalo Thorn).

I have been involved with bees since early childhood, as beekeeping has been a cherished hobby in my family for many generations. About 15 years ago I decided to resuscitate this tradition with a single hive in my garden and soon it became an overwhelming passion.

To be associated with such marvels of nature and be able to communicate its wonders to the public at large, has become my new "raison d´être;" preaching the gospel of the bees, as I express it.

one of my own bee's
One of my own

The honey that I sell is sourced from all around South Africa. My own honey is from bee sites within a 200km radius of Johannesburg. Farther afield honey is harvested by friends of mine, and fellow South African beekeepers, who are individually renowned for their high standards and ethics.


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